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Saturday, August 16, 2014


I was pleasantly surprised by the much improved services provided by British Airways in my flight from Washington to London last night. There were many of my friends who had suggested that I should alter my airline choice following my bad experience in British Airways three weeks ago. But this time around I was fortunate to travel in one of only two in BA service of their new Boeing 777 aircrafts, fitted out with a brand new seat configuration as well as state of the art and futuristic on board equipment, dedicated to passenger comfort. The two aircrafts are assigned to the US route for now. This time they had a full compliment of staff and crew on board, who were all very excited as they presented their new toy, attended courteously to every request. Sadly, my journey to Abuja in a few days time may be a return to square one... Africa has to fend for itself if to ensure her citizens keep abreast with world technology and have access to similar comfort.... and not a dumping ground for decommissioned aircrafts picked up from dust bins in the deserts of Arizona and elsewhere..
Now back to the FIFA World Cup..I arrived in the UK to find a country engulfed in sadness following their merciless 4-1 trouncing by their Arch football rivals-Germany. Germany has the youngest team followed by Ghana. These two countries have shown that a new generation of players have to take over the baton!! Although Britain invented the game of football, it is unfortunate that the descendants of the inventors have not been able to hold aloft the football flag ... They won the cup in 1966. Sadly Nigeria, has decided to take the path of their colonial masters and have since crashed out of the tournament but it is refreshing that our neighbor, Ghana, also a former British Colony is showing true independence in Politics and Sport.. their performance in the on going world cup is a joy to Africa...

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