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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Sound And The Fury - @segalink

This is a brief response to your recent publication credited to one Kassim Afegbua, said to be Media Special Adviser To Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State in which he suggests that Chief Tom Ikimi has dumped the APC because he is in search of Retirement Benefits. As media Adviser to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole one would ordinarily impute that the very strange comments he has made come with the approval of the Governor but Chief Ikimi continues to maintain that the action he has taken of withdrawing his membership from the APC are fully understood by the Governor. In his recent widely publicized statement APC-MY REFLECTIONS the Chief deliberately refrained from making any detailed comments on Edo State or on the Governor. Mr Kassim Afegbua who is far too junior in the politics of Edo State or the Country, who was just two years old by the end of the civil war and not even in University when Chief Tom Ikimi was the elected National Chairman of the NRC seems determined to bring into the public domain issues that may add more combustible fuel to an active inferno.

The first Media adviser appointed by Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in 2008 was Mr Eric Osagie. He resigned after only a few months, returned to The Daily Sun Newspaper and is now Managing Director of The New Telegraph. There have been a few others after him who have similarly left before you Kassim Afegbua. Whatever may be the inside story behind your recruitment it would be better you concern yourself with the purchase of newspapers and magazines, arrange the Governor's press briefing, entertainment of journalists rather than dabble into a terrain you are least equipped for. There is no record or evidence that Kassim is a member of the APC and he certainly was not a member of AC or ACN. He is not a party caucus member and so totally inconsequential to the development of the party all these years. His feeble attempt at a hatchet job on Chief Tom Ikimi is at best the ventilation of the contents of Government House corridor gossips deriving from a well known habit of eavesdropping! 

Chief Ikimi's  APC-My REFLECTIONS, published recently, detailed as it was, did not dwell in much detail on Edo State. By refraining from talking about Edo State, Chief Tom Ikimi has not done so out of fear nor of lack of material. He is quite satisfied in the meantime with the level of his understanding with the Comrade Governor. Mr Kassim Afegbua is advised to read the document once again wherein he should discover that the issue of the contest for the National Chairmanship of the APC was just one of the many fundamental issues raised by Chief Ikimi. However, with regards to Edo State, many other former APC members such as Alhaji Shagadi, Pastor Ize-Iyamu, Prince Tony Omoaghe, Chief Amos Osunbor, Hon Abubakar Momoh, Chief Philip Olumese, Chief Frank Erewele, Hon Festus Ebea, Hon Bright Omokhodion, Hon Jude Idehen, Hon Patrick Osayemen etc who left the party have spoken substantially on Edo State. All these people cannot all be chasing "stomach Infrastructure" as Kassim Afegbua insinuates and certainly their mass departure from the party does not indicate stability of the APC in the state.

Chief Tom Ikimi has been in politics continuously for almost thirty years now and so a descent retirement, which he surely deserves, and handing over of the baton to a responsible new generation of leadership should be a good dream to pursue. If he would achieve this by departing from the APC as he has now done for the very many unassailable reasons outlined in his APC-MY REFLECTIONS, he certainly should have no regrets. As regards "Stomach Infrastructure" history will vindicate all politicians including Kassim's boss and the Chief, when an inventory is taken of the circumstances in which each and everyone of them entered the arena and the circumstances of their exit. Chief Tom Ikimi owned Rolls Royces and luxury homes at home and abroad in the 70's long before his entry into politics. 

All of us who are eager that peace and stability may reign in our Nation must work for the triumph of reason and justice and be keenly aware of the immense damage that the distortion of the truth no matter how small can do at this time to our country.   

Segun SEGA Awosanya is a Special Adviser, Media, Brand & Technology to Chief Tom Ikimi.
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