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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


 I have received with shock and profound sadness the news of the passing of Senator Olorogun Felix Ovuodoroye Ibru. I feel a deep sense of personal loss. He was to me a role model, elder colleague and boss, a friend, politician and elder Statesman. My formative years as Practicing Architect in the early 70s was nurtured in the firm of Planning Partnership eventually Ibru Vaughan Richards & Partners where I benefitted immensely from a most worthy relationship with the two partners, highly talented architects, Arc Felix Ibru and Arc Allan Vaughan Richards. They treated me with respect, extreme courtesy and made me Associate Partner. Great men, now both of blessed memory! Architect Felix Ibru introduced the legendary geodesic dome architectural structure into Nigeria. His Ikeja GRA home, an Architectural masterpiece, displayed the amazing structure for many years. As a young Architect I recall my journeys of professional expedition with Architect Felix Ibru particularly fond memories of my very first visit to Hong Kong and Japan! I have always admired the dexterity with which the Olorogun achieved a successful blend of Professional Architectural practice and business. 

Senator Olorogun Felix Ibru is the quintessential distinguished Nigerian of so many parts who is extremely comfortable in operating at all levels of our varied and complicated society. He dines comfortably with Kings and is known to enjoy his "mama put" lunch from the wayside "buka".

Senator Ibru's foray into politics recorded not only a huge success but also further defined the strength and depth of the man's character. As pioneer SDP - Social Democratic Party Governor in 1991 of his home State - Delta, he performed so creditably well in a very short tenure to establish a new State where he successfully enthroned peace and harmony to a State that was made up of sharply contending component parts. Although I was then the National Chairman of the NRC - National Republican Convention party that contested the election against him, my personal relationship with Olorogun Felix Ibru remained in tact regardless of the outcome of that election. He exited as Governor without a chip on his shoulder as he moved on to immediately blend harmoniously with the ordinary society. His subsequent election into the Senate was therefore flawless just as his ascension to the top leadership of his distinguished and active Urhobo tribe recorded a remarkable tenure often eulogized by his kinsmen.

I have missed my occasional golf games with Olorogun Felix Ibru for some time now, a game that he dearly loved. It is now also clear to me that I will permanently miss his wise counsel and that familiar voice calling out to me "Tommy Tommy" now and again !

May the Soul of Senator Olorogun Felix Ovuodoroye Ibru and the Souls of other faithful departed rest in Peace.. Amen.

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