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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Coalition Of United Political Parties -CUPP (The Grand Alliance) 2nd August 2018-@chieftomikimi

2nd August 2018 - A Statement By High Chief Tom Ikimi CON

I am indeed very pleased be here this morning at this very historic occasion of the inauguration of the Abuja Secretariat of the Coalition of United Political Parties - CUPP and the establishment of the Steering Committee. I believe most of you were present at the historic launch of the CUPP on the 9th of July this year when 35 leaders of 35 registered political parties were physically present and signed the MOU to kick start this Grand Alliance. The creation of this Alliance is new and the first of its kind in our country. Let me from the outset express to you all, my sincere congratulations for staying together so far, as I confirm, that there has not been a single crack in the Alliance since its formation, despite unsavory attempts by our main opponents, who have deliberately or mischievously attempted to initiate or present non existent cracks in the alliance to the public. We have never claimed that all the 68 registered political parties in the country are members of the alliance. There are 39 parties who indicated interest in the alliance. 35 of them were available to endorse the document on the Inauguration Day. Since then the Democratic People’s Party DPP, has joined the Alliance and has also signed the document. None of the Parties that signed the MOU has departed from the Grand Alliance.
High Chief Tom Ikimi CON

Permit me to avail myself of this opportunity, to reiterate that this Coalition is born out of the peculiar circumstances that our Nation finds itself at this time. The Coalition is in the quest for a return to a virile and durable democratic process that will assure respect for civil liberties and human rights and maintain a culture of sustained adherence to the rule of law.

The Coalition of United Political Parties CUPP is a Grand Alliance and not a merger of the 39 Political Parties. In the case of a merger the merging Parties give up their identity and return their registration certificates to INEC. They then become signatories to a new Constitution and Manifesto. The only Party in Nigeria so far that has been created by a merger is the APC. Unfortunately those who worked out its creation left the party before it took over Federal Government and its management went to strange and incompetent hands. That Party has been described by so many as a Union of Strange bed fellows.

In the case of the Coalition of United Political Parties, all the Parties in this alliance still retain their individual identity and symbols and have been bound together in the National interest to respond to the abysmal failure of the current regime. The Coalition Parties have come together as a necessary emergency, to give hope to all our people and are therefore committed to working together in support of a single Presidential candidate to contest the 2019 Presidential election. This is to ensure that we enthrone a true democrat who will salvage the nation from the prevailing misrule of the APC Government. All the parties in the coalition are committed to seek and put in office a democratic leader who will not be a dictator but one who will genuinely secure the lives and property of our people, rebuild and redirect our nation’s economy back onto the path of growth, respect human rights and freedoms, protect and respect the cherished values of democracy and the democratic institutions and generally put right the country which unfortunately has now been dangerously divided along ethnic, religious and tribal lines.

Therefore the Coalition of United Political Parties are committed and will work towards the enthronement of a NATIONAL UNITY GOVERNMENT in 2019 to replace the present APC Federal Government. The recent massive defections from the APC, made recently by key political personalities in the country is indeed a positive response of patriotic Nigerians to the call for a united front in this worthwhile struggle.

The Coalition of United Political Parties CUPP believes that a National Unity Government will banish the ”Winner take all” syndrome that had characterized previous administrations particularly the present APC government and halt any tendencies towards dictatorship. Therefore the parties shall promote acceptable core values for the Restructuring and Devolution of Powers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to be urgently initiated and concluded by the incoming Government.

The parties are committed to uphold the principle of internal party democracy and ensure that henceforth the electoral and security Umpires act strictly within the dictates and ethics of their profession in the conduct of elections in Nigeria. There are already ominous signs in the horizon as has been exhibited recently in the conduct of the Ekiti Governorship elections and the prevailing attacks on some State and National democratic institutions. The Coalition of United Political Parties CUPP, must urgently establish a common agenda to fight and eradicate completely this growing menace in order to assure a flawless, free, fair and peaceful general election in 2019.

The parties shall encourage and amicably manage State alliances between themselves to ensure that the cooperating parties under the Grand Alliance emerge victorious at State Governorship, State Legislature and National Assembly Elections. This will assure that the incoming National Government secures a comfortable Legislative majority at the National Assembly in order to establish a harmonious relationship between the two tiers of Government.

To kick start the operations of the CUPP a few key committees have been created. These include the Blueprint/Manifesto Committee, Publicity/Media Committee, Strategy Committee and the Contact/Mobilization Committee. The Blueprint and Manifesto Committee is currently working on a BLUE PRINT MANIFESTO to which the incoming President and the National Unity Government will be committed. The Manifesto will be a covenant with the Nigerian people to promote and enshrine common National interest issues and to broaden the base for nationwide inclusiveness and National competitiveness.

The Steering Committee being inaugurated today which will operate from this premises will coordinate the activities of the Grand Alliance and ensure that all its members are carried along and that we speak with one voice.

Let me most warmly appreciate all the leaders of the almost 40 political parties committed to this National Project for your magnificent efforts and cooperation that has enabled us to come this far. We are grateful for the sacrifices that you are making and I see success in the horizon as we work earnestly to establish a country and society of our dreams for posterity.
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